La Cuisine 4170 Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven Casserole Pot, 2.1 QT (2 Liter) / 7.9” (20 CM) Diameter. Internal Cream White Enamel, Exterior 2 – tone Sapphire Enamel Coating Finish

Price: $49.90 - $42.90
(as of Nov 04,2023 17:21:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Traditional Range -Internal Cream white Enamel Sapphire Traditional Range -Internal Cream white Enamel Sapphire

La Cuisine Traditional Cast Iron Cookware Range -Internal Cream White Porcelain Enamel Glaze

At La Cuisine, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing creative and innovative Cookware. For over 20 years, we have been bringing our Irish design to kitchens around the world—and we intend to continue for years to come.

This traditional range with internal glossy cream-white enamel coating is the perfect addition to your kitchen! is for long-lasting use and easy cleaning, and is suitable for use on all stovetops, including induction, and can also be used in the oven for baking or roasting.

This range is available in

2.1 QT (20cm Dia.) Round Dutch Oven

5 QT (26cm Dia.) Round Dutch Oven

6.75 QT (33x25x16cm) oval Dutch Oven and

3.75 QT (28cm Dia) braising pan

to meet your various cooking a wide range of delicious dishes with ease.

Patented Sure-Grip, Wide-Angle wedges profile handles for the most secure and comfortable grip possible.

Our DesignOur Design

Much attention was given to each design with how it functioned; from storage, to use, to cleaning and caring for it. But among its list of individual functional features that make each product very practical, its best functional feature is not so obvious until you use it for a little while. It is surprisingly ‘space-saving’ in the kitchen. You can fry, cook, bake, and serve, all from the same piece of cookware. So for apartment living or small kitchen spaces, this is a real ‘workhorse’, that you will find hard to be without”.

Lid Back with 3 RidgesLid Back with 3 Ridges

The top of the lid has a distinctive set of 3 stepped ridges. They collect flavored steam droplets and allow them to gather, drop and disperse more evenly back into the food being cooked. This ensures the food stays moist and improves the flavor.

Gift Box Packing

Sapphire Dutch OvenSapphire Dutch Oven

More options on colors, sizes, and styles from La Cuisine Cookware

Internal Finish
Glossy Cream White Interior Glossy Cream White Interior Matte Black Enamel Coating Matte Black Enamel Interior Matte Black Enamel Coating Stainless Steel

5 QT 6.75 QT 3.5 2 – 7 QT 11.8″ Dia 11″ (L) x 3″ (W)

Sapphire Sapphire Cranberry Cranberry With Silicone Heat Resistant handle Sleeve Wood Handle

Internal Glossy Cream White Enamel Coating
3-LAYERS PORCELAIN ENAMEL EXTERIOR. Extremely durable with no colorization. Easy to clean and perfect to transfer from kitchen to table directly.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, Ideal for searing meat, broil, brazier, sauntering, simmering on the hob, baking and roasting.
CAST IRON IS FUNDAMENTALLY ABOUT SOLIDITY. Heat retention, evenness of distribution and flavor enhancement. Absolutely perfect for dishes requiring slow cooking. SUITABLE FOR ALL STOVETOPS including Induction, Ceramic, Halogen, Gas.

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