Ginger-Orange Chicken, Crockpot and Paleo

Ginger-Orange Chicken, Crockpot and Paleo

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Although I am a US citizen, I have spent most of my adult life living outside of the States. I’ve raised my family all over the world – and I have to say that my four kids are pretty terrific!

I am always looking for recipes that only call for basic ingredients. Because I don’t live in the US, I often can’t find packages or this, or jars and cans of that, even certain spices can be tricky.

My favorite cookbooks are the New Joy of Cooking, and anything by Nigela Lawson.

My passions are cooking and eating – big surprise there.

I have no pet peeves, I don’t keep any peeves around long enough to make them into pets.

I especially love baking, but I’m trying to get away from that – the carbs are starting to stick to my hips a little too easily.

I took a Sushi making course recently. It was a lot of fun; I now know that I need to GO OUT for Sushi, not make it myself.

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